small devil BIG GOD

small devil BIG GOD

small devil


8 Myths that Keep
Christians in Bondage

Dr. Denver Cheddie
Indira Rampaul-Cheddie


Does it feel like the devil has stolen your blessings? And you have to take back what he has stolen?
Do you believe generational curses are hindering your prayers?
Do you suspect witchcraft has affected you?
Do you decree and declare just because everyone else is doing it?
Do you believe it is your job to bind the devil and loose God's blessings?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are you have given heed to myths rather than truth.

...You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32)

If knowing the truth sets you free, then the opposite of that keeps you in bondage! There are 2 opposites of knowing the truth:

...they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths (2 Tim 4:4)

Would you like to learn to pray effectively?

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Love, love, love this book! I strongly encourage all to read. Many of the myths brought to light throughout this book, have also been heavy on my heart for some time, this book lays it out on the table, easy to read and understand. I was able to study along side the book and see for myself the truth of God's word. It was eye-opening for me as I read the commonly misquoted scriptures I also have fallen accustomed to. I'm truly grateful to the authors for being devoted to God and sharing His truths!
... LIZ REPOGLE (review on Amazon)

Awesomely said. Both my husbAnd and I are reading this book and it confirms, agrees and answers so many questions we gave been asking ourselves. You can not fight the Word of God.
... DEBRA LEWIS DIAZ (via Facebook)

Our book small devil BIG GOD exposes modern myths Christians believe - God-limiting myths - that keep them in bondage. These myths make God small, they make the devil big, and they cause us to pray amiss.

Many Christians act like the devil is big and God is small, without even realizing it

This is why our book is entitled small devil BIG GOD. Not only do we expose these God-limiting myths, but we outline the truth of scripture that you need to experience freedom and to pray effectively.

Your prayers are not working because of God-limiting myths you don't even know you believe

...The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much (James 5:16)

James 5:16 outlines three ingredients to prevailing prayer.

This means that you can be a righteous person praying fervently, but still ineffectively

This is precisely what myths do - they make our prayers ineffective. We call down fire from heaven yet it seems to have no impact on our circumstances. We are in bondage.

The devil's strategy

If I were the devil's strategic advisor, here is how I would undermine Christians' prayer lives. I would use James 5:16 to formulate my 3-step strategy.

Modern Myths that make our prayers ineffective

Myths are the opposite of truth, and they are a major strategy in the devil's war against us. He used deception against Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he still beguiles Christians today. Here are some of the modern God-limiting myths that the devil has planted in our churches, and we expose and debunk in small devil BIG GOD.

These are myths the devil has planted in the church to cause Christians to pray and miss the mark. You would also be aware that these myths are being propagated from the most influential pulpits in the Christian world. small devil BIG GOD exposes and debunks these myths, and outlines the truth of scripture so you can pray effectively and live in freedom.

PAPERBACK ($12.50) KINDLE ($7.99)

I am in the process of reading your book and I can't thank you enough for your efforts. Every page rings true to me coupled with sound doctrine and scripture. I have longed been saddened by the semantics of the "laughing" and "name it claim it" materially-based fanatics. And you so aptly and profoundly point out the errors of their beliefs. I have longed rejected the Charismatic movement as heretic, but now reading the apologetics of Biblical sound Charismatics, such as you and your wife, I might I be more open to the concept that the spiritual gifts have not ceased, but have simply been incorrectly presented. I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you have reminded me that I have the tools to pray in absolute confidence (without gimmicks) and that I can go directly to the Throne Room of God with my requests, due to the saving work of Jesus on the cross. May God bless you both.
... JACQUE MCMILLAN via Facebook

What you will get from "small devil BIG GOD"

1) You will learn to pray effectively.

2) You will be blown away by how big God really is.

3) You will receive truth to set you free.

4) We show you how to use the scripture like a sword in your prayer life.

5) You will learn what is true spiritual warfare.

6) You will learn to live under a generational blessing rather than a generational curse.

7) You will learn the right way to rebuke the devil.

8) You will learn to rest in the knowledge that God is large and in charge.

PAPERBACK ($12.50) KINDLE ($7.99)

What readers are saying

"small devil BIG GOD" presents an uncommon approach to dealing with common myths that plague Christians.
... DR. TIMOTHY HILL - General Overseer, Church of God International

This book is and will be very useful to the people of God now and in the future. It is an excellent piece of work presenting truth in a readable fashion ... I highly recommend this book to the body of Christ.
... PASTOR JOYCELYN NELSON, Woodbrook Pentecostal Church

An inspiring message that will have a deep impact on people. It will stimulate in readers a desire to go deeper into the Word of God.
... PASTOR NOREEN DOTTIN, Revival Time Assembly

I was impressed by the way in which the writers remind us that some Christian leaders can mislead their flock by their misinterpretation of biblical texts, especially in relation to the sovereignty and omnipotence of God and the devil’s incapacity. The authors show the means by which the Bible deconstructs these myths.
... REV. JOY ABDUL-MOHAN - former principal, St. Andrews Theological College

PAPERBACK ($12.50) KINDLE ($7.99)

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