small devil BIG GOD

small devil BIG GOD

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To provide Christians with the resources they need to live victorious lives through Biblical truth. There are a lot of crazy teachings out there that ultimately result in defeated lives. We expose these false doctrines and reveal Biblical truth so that believers will know the truth, and the truth will set them free. We help Christians discover the voice of God in the Bible.

About Us

Denver Cheddie

Dr Denver Cheddie is an ordained minister and an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He holds the following degrees:
Doctor of Religious Education, PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Biblical Studies, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Indira Rampaul-Cheddie

Indira Rampaul-Cheddie is an attorney-at-law. She holds the following degrees:
Masters in Biblical Studies, Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Law, Bachelors in Law

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