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Dr. Denver Cheddie is Bible teacher and an Ordained Minister in the Church of God (Headquartered in Cleveland, TN). He is also an Associate Professor with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He holds Masters Degrees in Biblical Studies, Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering.

Indira Rampaul-Cheddie is a prayer warrior who operates in various gifts of the Spirit including healing and the word of knowledge. God uses her to provide comfort through counseling. By profession, she is an attorney-at-law. She holds Masters Degrees in Biblical Studies, Petroleum Law & Policy, and Business Administration.

The husband/wife team shares a vision to see the Body of Christ free from myths that have kept Christians in bondage for far too long; and for Christians to live victoriously through scriptural truth; and to see broken people made whole through an application of the Word of God to their lives. They believe that the Bible has answers, whether directly or indirectly, for every situation Christians may face. They use the Word of God and spiritual gifts to counsel people from all over the world, who face problems that they cannot take to others around them, and who are seeking answers they cannot find elsewhere.

Their ministry includes teaching, preaching, prayer and counseling through their website, social media, radio and print media.

Through their Bible Issues website, they provide answers to difficult Bible questions and controversial issues. They don’t merely give answers, they provoke Bible study so that Christians can find answers for themselves. This way the Bible becomes the voice of God which offers guidance to Christians by being a light unto their paths.

Their Bible Issues Facebook group facilitates a forum where other Christians can ask and answer questions and help out members from other parts of the world. This way, members grow in Christ without any single person being the star or getting all the credit. We currently have members from over 40 countries. You are welcome to join.