small devil BIG GOD

small devil BIG GOD

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8 Myths that keep Christians in Bondage

... Denver Cheddie and Indira Rampaul-Cheddie

If knowing the truth sets you free, then the opposite of that keeps you in bondage! There are 2 opposites of knowing the truth:

Your prayers are not working because of God-limiting myths you don't even know you believe

Myths make our prayers ineffective. The Bible declares:

There are 3 ingredients to availing prayer.

If I were the devil's strategic advisor, here is how I would undermine Christians' prayer lives

Modern Myths that make our prayers ineffective

If you have answered yes to any of those questions, you have believed myths. These are not just any myths. These myths act as though God is small and the devil is big. Without realizing it, many Christians believe in a big devil and a small god. That's why my book is entitled small devil BIG GOD.

I will show you from the scriptures that many of the problems you face in life can be solved if you simply recognize how big your God is. By our beliefs, by our prayers and by our actions; we have limited God and made Him small. As a result, our prayers don't work and we remain in bondage. I will share the truths from scripture than can set us free.

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What you will get in this book

This book deals head on with the most common myths facing Christians today. These myths are being propagated from the most influential pulpits in the Christian world - but they are totally contrary to what the Bible teaches. I will expose these myths and reveal the truth of scriptures.

Maybe you have given into to some of these myths. Maybe it is affecting your prayer life and you don't even realize it. Let me ask you a question. Do you change the way you pray to keep up with the times? When every new wind of doctrine blows, do you find yourself jumping on the latest bandwagon just because everyone else is doing it? Then you have believed myths, and you are in bondage without even realizing it. You will find this book enlightening.

Maybe you know a friend who attends a Christian church that you suspect is a cult. You worry about trends that you see in their lives and about the direction they are headed. This book can help you understand why they are going astray, and can help you minister to them. It can also be a great gift for your Christian friends..

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Book outline

Here are some of the myths we will debunk in this book

All of these are God-limiting myths that act as though God is small and the devil is big. No one will come out openly and say their God is small, but they act like it, they pray like it. They believe in a big devil and a small God and don't even realize it. They are in bondage because they have believed myths.

This book will debunk these modern myths and will reveal the truth of scripture that can set Christians free.

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